A collision between a passenger vehicle and any type of large truck can be devastating – or even deadly. The sheer size of a tractor-trailer can literally demolish a small car or even a small pick-up truck. When two vehicles of such disparate sizes collide, the resulting injuries and property damage is likely to be very severe.

While there are many causes of Georgia truck accidents, some of these causes are the same type of behaviors that cause any type of vehicle crash, such as distracted driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and speeding. However, there may be other factors in a semi-truck accident that may not be present in collisions involving smaller vehicles.

For instance, over-the-road commercial truck drivers are limited by federal safety regulations in terms of how many consecutive hours they can drive without resting, as well as the hours of rest required before resuming driving. Truck drivers must keep detailed logs of their driving and rest periods while on the road. If a truck driver has exceeded the hours of driving or did not rest for a sufficient period of time, it may be negligence on the part of that driver, and/or the trucking company, if his drowsiness or inability to concentrate on driving leads to a serious accident.

Experienced Georgia accident attorneys such as Frank Harris can perform an in-depth investigation into the truck crash that led to an individual’s injuries, hire expert witnesses as needed to reconstruct the accident scene, communicate with insurance companies, witnesses, and other parties, and provide general legal advice about all relevant manners. While you are dealing with the emotional and physical aftereffects of such an incident, we can handle the legal and financial issues that inevitably will arise. Contact Frank Harris today and let us provide you with the assistance that you need.