Pregnant women have to take certain precautions during the nine months that they are carrying a child. This can include avoiding certain foods, modifying their exercise routines, and closely monitoring their health, but should pregnant women also skip wearing a seatbelt to protect their bellies? The short answer is “No”. It’s perfectly safe for pregnant women to wear a seatbelt during pregnancy as long as they follow these important tips:

Wear the lap belt and shoulder strap.

It’s important to buckle yourself into the seat using both the lap belt and shoulder strap of the seatbelt. Using one without the other will put you at a greater risk of suffering injuries in the event of a car accident. It may feel slightly uncomfortable at first, but don’t loosen the straps to make it more comfortable. Both the lap belt and shoulder strap should fit snugly against your body to offer you the most protection.

Check the placement.

As your belly continues to grow, the seatbelt will fit you a bit differently than it did before you were pregnant. Make sure the lap belt is positioned underneath your belly pressed against your hip bones. If you place the lap belt across your belly, your unborn baby could be injured if you are involved in a car accident. The shoulder belt should come across your body and fall between your breasts. If you find that the shoulder belt is digging into your neck, do not pull on it to loosen it. Instead, focus on readjusting your seat so you are in a better position to wear the seatbelt properly.

Take your coat off.

If you’re wearing a thick coat or jacket, take it off prior to fastening your seatbelt. Outerwear can cause the seatbelt to ride up across your belly as you drive so it’s recommended that you remove it prior to getting into the car.

Some pregnant women also fear what will happen to their unborn baby if the airbags are deployed during an accident. But studies have shown that airbags do not put your baby in harm’s way if they are deployed when you are also wearing your seatbelt.

Even if you are wearing your seatbelt, it’s possible you could suffer serious injuries if you are involved in a car accident. If you are injured as a result of a negligent driver, speak with Frank Harris, an experienced personal injury attorney in Georgia. Contact him today by sending an email to or calling his offices at 678-483-8655. You can also learn more about his law firm by visiting