Did you take a road trip to see friends or family members over the holidays? If so, you weren’t alone. The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports about 91% of long-distance holiday travel is made by car as opposed to in a plane or train. But because there is an increase in cars on the road during the holidays, more accidents tend to occur. If you were involved in a car accident, it has probably left you shaken up—especially if you were injured in the crash. To avoid getting into another car accident, follow these tips next time you hit the road:

1) Have your car inspected prior to leaving.

Take your vehicle in for an inspection before leaving on your trip. A mechanic can check for low tire pressure, issues with the brakes, or a dying battery so you don’t run into any issues once you head out.

2) Check the weather.

Weather can be unpredictable, so it’s recommended you frequently check the forecast before and during your trip. If your route has you headed towards a patch of bad weather, pull off of the road and find a safe place to stay until it passes.

3) Let your friends and family know you’re driving.

If you’re on your way to meet friends or family, you may start to receive a number of text messages and phone calls from people who are excited to see you. But, using a smartphone can distract you from the road and put you in danger—plus, it’s illegal in the state of Georgia. Prevent distracted driving by letting friends and family members know you will be unavailable because you are driving.

4) Take your time.

You may feel pressure to make it to your destination quickly so you can maximize your time with loved ones, but it’s important to slow down and relax. Don’t try to speed to make up for time you lost sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Not only is speeding illegal, but it’s dangerous too.

5) Plan ahead.

If you are going out with friends and plan on drinking, make arrangements to stay with a friend or find a designated driver who can bring you to the event. If you don’t plan ahead but find yourself drinking anyway, call a taxi or Uber. Paying for a ride home may be an unexpected expense, but that shouldn’t stop you from making a responsible decision

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